Regarding the future of Prisma.

Hi all!

This goes out especially to those that saw my last update:

I'm sorry. I have let both you and myself down. I shouldn't have promised something I wasn't 100% sure I could achieve, and it's clear to me now I won't hit the deadlines for new product releases that I set.

Turns out, my mental wellbeing was not as improved as I thought it was at the time. I still need time to heal and grow, so all I can ask of you all is continued patience. I need to work on myself, first and foremost, before I can continue work on this project.

I have not forgotten about Prisma, and the truth is that it's still something I am deeply passionate about, but due to factors beyond my current control I cannot and will not make any more promises for the future. 

Please understand me, and take care of yourselves.

- Josh